Front-End Development | HTML5 & JavaScript Applications

    I have over four years experience in front-end development, focusing on building applications (Facebook apps) using JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJS, Ember, Meteor, and Backbone.js. I work with Graphic Designers to transform their designs, as PSD files, into AngularJS, Ember, Meteor.jS, Backbone, and HTML5 applications.

    PHP Development | WordPress, Phalcon, & Laravel

    I mainly build client websites using WordPress as a CMS, or custom sites using the Phalcon or Laravel frameworks. I develop sites based on a designer's PSD files and specifications. Please have a graphic or web designer hired before contacting me to build your site. I can recommend several designers that specialize in website, application, and logo design.


    iPhone & iPad App Development | Python Development

    I have over two years experience in developing iPhone and iPad applications and over ten years of experience programming in Python. I am currently developing several iPhone applications and am not taking any more requests for 2014.

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    My site does not support Internet Explorer 6 or 7. I feature my HTML5 projects on my website and neither can support this new technology. I still develop for IE7 & IE6 functionality but in order to view my website please dowload Internet Explorer 8 or 9. My personal favorite browser is Firefox by Mozilla. I've included samples of my work below if you are using IE7 or IE6. Thank you!

    Mozilla Firefox Life Span Website (IE7) Candyality Website (IE7 or IE6) Kelly Edwards Website (IE7)